Features:      Furnished    A/C    Dishwasher    Wi-Fi    Washing machine    Equipped kitchen    Oven    Heating
This modern three bedroom apartment with a live-in landlady covers 100m² and is located on Via Rubens, in Milan. The apartment has one shared bathroom, and is equipped with central heating, air conditioning, a washing machine and a dishwasher. Two rooms are available for rent and both are stylish with modern furnishings, plenty of storage, and internal courtyard views. The residential neighbourhood has good access to the Milan transportation network, allowing residents to access the city center with ease.

- Speaks English: yes
Lives in property: yes
Payment method: cash
**No guests allowed**
As the landlady uses the kitchen/ studio area as an office, use of the kitchen is limited to certain hours: 8 to 10am, 12 to 2pm, and 8 to 10pm.
This landlady has expressed a preference for foreigners and people who do not spend too much time at home.
**Variable deposit:**
Tenancy duration of 1–2 months: 1 month’s rent
Tenancy duration of more than 2 months: 2 months’ rent
**Check-in cleanin