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Turquie 2 Chambres Appartement à vendre Bodrum Mugla Aegean Turquie

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Spacious golf APARTMENT for sale with shared Pool.
sexurity Beautiful Complex in Tuzla Bodrum Sunny Turkey,
Location of luxury holiday family homes. Ready to move
Natural beach, for relaxed holidays,free-hold

2 bedroom apartment for sale:
Bogazici -Tuzla, Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey

A REAL INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY IN BODRUM PENINSULA - TURKEY.These luxurious Apartments in Bogazici - BODRUM have 2 bedrooms, open kitchen, living room, bathroom, laundry place and a wide terrace.Apartments’ size is 86m2. In each block there are 4 apartments and 2 of them on the garden floor. Apartments on the garden floor use the big garden and apartments on the second floor have a wide terrace.

High Rental Income
Suitable for 12 Months living , Suitable for retirement Home
Very nice and tranquil atmosphere.
Immediate completion !!
These Brand New Amazing Houses in Bogazici Village is 12 km away from the airport, 30 km away from Bodrum. Apartments have views of a lake and nature.
It is only 800m away from the beaches.
In the summer, there are free of charge shuttles to beaches.

There are 2 swimming pools, sauna, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, mini market, snack bar, administration department and 24 hours security that serves both in winter and in summer.

Apartments at this unique Complex have 2 bedrooms, open kitchen, living room, bathroom, laundry place and a wide terrace.Apartments' size is 86m2. In each block there are 4 apartments and 2 of them on the garden floor. Apartments on the garden floor use the big garden and apartments on the second floor have a wide terrace.

The prices of Sunshine Golf Residences depending on the location; changing between 47.000 GBP to 57.000 GBP. And you can have the title deed in the instantly. You can own an apartment in this unique site with 10 years due term and with % 10 advance payments.

Airport: 12 km.
Bodrum Center 30 km.
Bogaziçi Village: 2 km.
Guvercinlik Bay: 7 km.
Golf Course: 1.5 km.
Beaches: 800 m.
Local Markets: 2 km.
Bus Stop: 200 m.

Technical information

All critiques and statistic studies of the construction's land have been done. Before starting the constructions all necessary formal permissions have been taken from municipality and the construction started on 1st of January, 2007.

Rough Structure
All buildings have been built with reinforced concrete. ST III irons with steel-reinforced and C-25 concrete have been used. Out walls are covered with bricks which has heat isolation.

The bases, terraces and wet areas have been built with certificated materials accordance to ISO 9002 standards. Waterproofing and isolations are under guarantee for 5 years.
Drinking water and waste water waterworks: These projects have been made accordance to architectural designs. Also all the materials are certificated from ISO 9002 and CE.

Estimated electricity power for the project is 220 volt. All materials are certificated from ISO 9002 and CE.

Terraces, Balconies and Overlays
For water and other insulations outdoor ceramics have been used. Bathrooms are covered with ceramics too. All indoors are covered with first quality Toprak Ceramics. And first quality travertine marbles have been used for the stairs and landings. Finally for the out walls, some natural stones have been used.

Doors, Windows and Pergolas
Inside, mono block doors have been used and for windows PVC double glazing profiles have been chosen which have certification from TSE (Turkish Standardization Institute). The apartments' doors are steel.

While designing the kitchen, all the standard requirements have been taking into account and been chosen the best materials for the project. Kitchens have built-in systems. Hood fume and countertop cooker are standard.

All the ceramics and armatures are certificated from ISO 9002 and CE. In bathrooms there are also washbasins and bath tubs.
Overlays and Painting: outside of the walls are covered with cement floor and painted with silicosis paint. For inside and ceilings; water-based plastic paint is used.

Heating and Cooling
Hot water: all pipes and cables are provided by the construction company for electrical combi boiler.For cooling: in each room, necessary infrastructures for air conditioner are ready.

Landscape and Swimming Pool
Outside of the houses are covered with grass and plants. Natural stones are used for landscaping. Car park, refreshment areas and swimming pool in the project have international standards.Social facilities: Sauna, swimming pools -one is for kids- Jacuzzi, play areas for kids and car park.

Whole blocks will be administrated by a professional company.

Free information and viewing service provided with no obligation to buy.
No hidden charges and costs

We are a friendly British and Turkish owned local company working with professional lawyers and we have hundreds of succesfull completions with the foreign national clients.
As Bodrum Can Properties; We are based in Bitez, Bodrum and our client base has primarily built up via the internet and by personal recommendation.

We are pleased to have assisted many satisfied customers purchase properties on the Bodrum Peninsula and make their homes in Turkey.


Tuzla Lake is a region of prolific natural beauty and rich archaeological heritage situated just off the Bodrum-Milas highway a few kilometres southwest of the airport. Remains of the ancient Carian city of Bargilia adorn the countryside and during the heat of the summer, majestically emerge from the lake surface as the water level drops. The area's claim to fame is The Vita Park Golf Resort, a unique championship golf facility with two separate par-71 18 hole courses. The Milas Course with its Clubhouse and the Golf Academy are already open for use whilst the Halikarnas Course with the main Clubhouse, fitness centre with indoor swimming pool and SPA are due to open 2011. The second course will be membership only.

The lake and its extensive wetlands are a designated IBA (Important Bird Area) providing sanctuary for many rare migrant birds throughout the year. Flamingos flock here in their thousands and sightings of Grey Heron, Dalmatian Pelican, Pygmy Cormorant, Osprey, Red-footed Falcon, Audouin's Gull, Ruddy Shelduck, Curlew, Black-winged Stilt, Kentish Plover, White & Black Stork, Bonelli's Eagle, Terek Sandpiper, the Saker, Lanner Falcon and many, many more are often reported.


The traditional village of Bogazici lies on the far side of Tuzla Lake accessed by a winding road that divides the lake asunder. It is set in an idyllic deep blue bay with as many fish restaurants lining the water's edge as fishing boats line the harbour. Although there is a thin strip of sand here, and you can find wooden gulets offering boat trips, tourism has basically left the village untouched. Life revolves around the village tea garden, the weekly market, and the daily catch!


Guvercinlik is located southwest of the airport on the Bodrum-Milas highway. This beautiful little village nestles in an exquisitely vivid turquoise cove surrounded on three sides by lush, green, aromatic pine trees carpeting the hillside. Salih Island which graces the entrance to the cove, enclosing the open sea like a lake, protectively shelters the settlement from westerly winds. The village mainly caters for the daily necessities of local residents, but you will also find several cafes and restaurants offering simple Turkish fare, a public beach area, and a smattering of pensions and hotels. Wooden gulets provide boat trips and the still calm waters offer opportunities for all water sports, particularly water skiing.


The Bodrum Peninsula is located on the southwest corner of Turkey at the point where the Aegean Sea fuses with The Mediterranean. For many hundreds of years the region has fascinated the minds and captivated the hearts of its visitors, none more so than the Turkish author Cevat Sakir who reminiscing about his first sighting wrote: "The sea cracked upon the horizon without warning like a vast blue thundering infinity, it infiltrated through alleys and courtyards with a shimmering transparent light. It sparkled to an incomprehensible depth full of yearning and beauty and terror.

On the final approach into Bodrum Town, today's visitor is greeted by a warning penned by Cevat Sakir himself:

"Hello, if you come to this top of the hill you will see Bodrum.
Don't think that you will return as the very same person as you came.
To all those who came before you it happened the same.
They lost their heart in Bodrum and left it.

"The Fisherman of Halicarnassus (1) Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli

The promise of long balmy days of sun, sand and sea in a typical Mediterranean climate has long attracted summer visitors to the Peninsula, but the once closely guarded secret that Bodrum has much more to offer is now out! Autumn, winter and spring months all pass by at a much less frenetic pace, at a warm and pleasant temperature, with a greater local intimacy and with each new season's own inimitable style.

Autumn is heralded with the Bodrum Cup, an annual event for amateur and professional yachtsmen alike, a sight to behold with hundreds of wooden yachts under full canvas. The sea is still enticingly warm for swimming, historical sites become a pleasure to visit, and of course there are the end-of-season sales!

Winter is a time to relax, renew friendships, and recoup the energy depleted during the summer season. Waterfront cafes overflow with local residents playing backgammon, sophisticated restaurants offer breakfast buffets and brunch on the beach, and Christmas and New Year are celebrated with flair!

As the scent of flower blossom fills the spring air, the hills and valleys refreshed by the winter's rain are resplendent. Cool, sunny days are ideal for horse riding and hiking and the countryside teems with verdant new life beckoning the palette and artistry of the painter. The Peninsula awakens from its winter sleep and adorns itself ready for the influx of visitors promised by another summer season.

Besides the obvious holiday orientated activities offered during the summer months, the Bodrum Peninsula caters for a diverse range of interests all year round. Dependant on the weather, yachts can still be chartered for the day or to sail the "Turquoise Coast, ferries to neighbouring islands continue, and there are many sporting activities which have clubs holding regular meetings and organised training sessions.

Outdoor water based sports include: fishing, sailing, diving and windsurfing whilst for more sedate water activities try indoor swimming pools, Turkish baths and health spas. There are also a number of public and privately run fitness centres, dance lessons, gymnasiums, tennis & basketball courts, football pitches, cycling and hiking clubs, golf courses and horse riding ranches.

The less energetic amongst you might enjoy an hour or two at one of the many art & design exhibitions, concerts, jazz festivals, Latin evenings, quiz nights, yoga classes, language schools, animal welfare societies or mother and toddler groups. Historians and archaeologists will find that the Bodrum Peninsula's long, rich, turbulent past under the hands of many ancient and modern civilizations has left its mark both on the landscape and the annuls of history and well worth investigating.

From as early as 1100 BC the Peninsula was an area of immense global importance due to its strategic location within world trade routes, but lost its pre-eminence in 400 AD with the prosperity of the Byzantine Empire and its capital Constantinople. Over the centuries the area has been conquered by Ancient Greeks, Persians, Byzantines, Egyptians, Ottomans, and as recently as 1919 the Italians. After the War of Independence in 1922 a peaceful tranquillity descended over this idyllic area which mixed together intoxicatingly with its climate and outstanding natural beauty resulting in its emergence as a tourist destination in 1985.


Bodrum town with its vivacious, Bohemian atmosphere adoringly drapes itself around an impressive medieval castle which guards the entrance to the town's dazzlingly blue and markedly different east and west bays. A majestic part of the Bodrum skyline, The Castle of St. Peter built in 1402, now serves as a museum specializing in underwater archaeology. During the summer months the castle is also host to many open-air concerts and the annual International Ballet Festival.

Amid the myriad of winding, narrow, white-walled alleyways east of the castle, outdoor bazaars and craft stalls nestle side by side with charming local boutiques and top brand name stores. The town's weekly clothing and food markets offer a more traditional shopping experience, whilst in the Marina on the west bay, chic and prestigious designer label shops adorn the waters edge.

Although Bodrum is not particularly well known for its beach, there is a long, thin expanse of sand that lines the east bay and enjoys clear, tide less seas. The waters offshore, once a rich source for the local sponge divers are especially good for scuba diving and snorkelling with reefs, caves and rock formations to be explored and a multicoloured array of aquatic life to be seen.

Wherever you are in Bodrum good places to eat and drink abound. Traditional tea gardens and coffee houses abide next to elegant cafes and patisseries; the obligatory kebab stalls next to European fast food outlets; and lokantas serving home made food on the street front next to elegant, luxurious establishments serving International and Aegean cuisine.

There is no denying that Bodrum is a party town. As night draws in and evening diners leave, waterfront restaurants transform into discos and nightclubs - continuing the revelry until dawn. During the summer months the 4,000 capacity Halikarnos open-air nightclub also opens its doors and the Catamaran disco boat sails out of the harbour and anchors offshore until day break.

The pace of life on the west side of the town is definitely more sedate and has a very different ambiance revolving around the long palm-lined waterfront. Cafes and restaurants hug the harbour where colourful, locally built, wooden sailing gulets moor side by side offering excursions and pleasure trips. Ferries sail to Datca and Marmaris further along the Turkish Mediterranean Coast and also to the Greek Islands of Kos and Rhodes.

Bodrum Marina, at the far end of the west bay is famous for its yacht club where modern, luxury cruisers moor and the yachting fraternity wine & dine before browsing in the haute couture boutiques. The Bodrum Cup is an annual yachting regatta which encourages boatmen of all skill levels to compete. Held every October since the 1980s, the Cup is a major event that attracts entrants and spectators from all over Turkey.

There are a few archaeological remains in Bodrum worth mentioning: the Myndos Gate one of the entrances to the ancient fortified city of Halicarnassus and through which Alexander the Great entered the city; the Hellenistic Amphitheatre now completely restored and used for concerts and shows during the high season; and most worthy of note, King Mausolus' Tomb which is one of the sole remaining seven wonders of the ancient world.
Aéroport: Milas Bodrum International airport, 20 km | Dalaman and Izmir International airport , 150 km
Consulter la carte: TUZLA, 48400, Bodrum,

Lieu exact non fournis - Ville indiquées sur la carte "Bodrum" Turkey

Adresse: TUZLA
Code Postal: 48400
Ville: Bodrum
Région: Aegean
Sous-région: Mugla
Pays: Turquie
Superficie: 90 (m2)
Terrain: 200 (m2)
Date de construction: 2011

Cuisine intégrée: check
Four/Plaque de cuisson:

Infrastructure locale:
Bars: check
Restaurants: check
Nightclubs: check
Location de voitures: check
Parcours de golf: check
Salle de gym: check
Tennis: check
Épiceries: check
Piscine check
Chauffage central:
Climatisation: check
Jardin: check

Activités locales:
Pêche: check
Équitation: check
Plongée: check
Surf: check
Randonnées: check
Sites historiques: check
Parcours de golf: check

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